Do you have an addiction?

Luxury Addiction Residential ProgramOur Luxury Addiction Residential Program offers the Best answer for getting Free from Addiction.

The corner stone of our Luxury Addiction Residential Program is our 1 on 1 Counselling sessions. We include a minimum of 4 hours with a Licensed Clinical counselor. In addition to all the other individual courses and sessions, plus all the group meetings.

We understand what you are going through, and understand your situation is unique. That is why we structure each persons program to fit their unique life. We would like the opportunity to help you recover from your addictions. It may seem impossible at times, but the fight against addiction can be Won; we can say this because we have helped countless others become Free from their vices.

We have a history of success in helping those struggling with addiction whether you are a house wife, a son or daughter, or even a business executive, individuals that have been faced with the same choice in deciding to fight against their addictions. Why did they choose our services? They realized that we offered a great deal of care and quality in our programming as well as an elegant environment that they could relax in as they received treatment for their addictions.

“Addictions show no prejudice” and they can show up regardless of the income level that you may have. Wealthy individuals are prone to having addictions because of all the pressure and stress of functioning at such high levels. When they attend a treatment facility, they expect to have a similar standard of living to what they are accustomed to at home.. This is the reason that Valiant Recovery offers such a comfortable atmosphere.

We provide services like:

Medically Supervised Detox Individual Counselling – programs with 8, 16, or 32 hours of 1on1 counselling Relapse Prevention in 1on1 sessions min of 16 hours
Dual Diagnosis Treatment Approach 12-Step program Faith Based Treatment
Holistic Therapy Family Therapy After Care Couselling


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Not Just For Alcohol and Drugs

When it comes to a luxury rehab these facilities are usually seen as the place where the wealthy and famous go to get treatment for substance abuse. This is not the case though, and a Luxury Addiction Residential Program can offer treatment for other problems in addition to drugs and alcohol abuse.

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Is a Luxury Rehab Center right for me?

A luxury rehab center is one option if you need substance abuse treatment and are looking at all the available choices, but is it the right choice in your circumstances? A luxury rehab center is upscale and elegant, and while these factors are a bonus they are not the most essential components.

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How Effective Are Luxury Rehab Facilities?

Just how well do luxury rehab facilities actually work? Do these centers have a magic cure for substance abuse? What makes luxury rehab facilities so much better than other choices? This type of treatment center offers much more luxury in every aspect of your stay and treatment.

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