Luxury Addiction Treatment Statistics

luxury addiction treatment statisticsLuxury addiction treatment facilities may or may not offer better results, and luxury addiction treatment statistics show that for a typical rehab roughly ninety percent of the patients will experience a relapse within the first year after treatment. A luxury addiction treatment facility may be able to cut these risks down, if you choose the right program and the right treatment methods and techniques. Each luxury addiction treatment facility will offer different techniques and methods to address and resolve your substance abuse issues, and some are much more effective than others. The cost of a program can give clues about the operating budget, but only a close inspection of the treatment types offered will tell you how effective a program is.

Luxury addiction treatment is advertised as the best, but in some cases the statistics show that the success rates can be the same regardless of the type of facility you choose. You will find it is possible for a luxury addiction treatment center to have a high failure rate, and this rate can be eighty or ninety percent as well. That does not mean that every luxury addiction treatment facility is ineffective, only that this label does not guarantee effective treatment. The statistics show that individual therapy sessions and spiritual counseling play a big role in how effective a program is, and that these methods offer the best results.

Another crucial factor with any luxury addiction treatment facility is whether or not the program offers the needed tools, so your recovery continues after the program has been completed. After treatment you will go back to your usual lifestyle and neighborhoods, and this is when a relapse is most likely to happen. It is easy to avoid substance abuse during inpatient treatment at a luxury addiction treatment center, but once you have finished the program you will need tools to keep this success going.

luxury addiction treatment statisticsAt Valiant Recovery we understand substance abuse, and the most effective way to get a permanent recovery and full healing. Our luxury addiction treatment facility includes a high staff to patient ratio, and a minimum of four hours each week are dedicated to individual counseling. Stress management, anger control, nutrition, and even spiritual counseling are all combined so that you get the best treatment that money can buy. Our staff of caring professionals understands what causes substance abuse, and how to eliminate the root causes of this problem. If you want luxury addiction treatment that actually works and makes a difference in your life and future, then the program at Valiant Recovery is the right choice.

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