Facts About Luxury Alcohol Rehabs

Luxury Alcohol Rehab Facts Luxury alcohol rehab facts

  • Luxury alcohol rehabs can cost as much as fifty to one hundred thousand dollars for one month of treatment.


  • Most of the luxury alcohol rehabs do offer a higher success rate, and patients who are treated in this type of program do have a lower incidence of relapse once they leave the program.



  • The exact percentage of patients that relapse after treatment is not clear, but many claim that this can be as high as fifty or sixty percent. This means that at least half of those in treatment will come back again.
    • Luxury alcohol rehabs may or may not offer detox, and some facilities may only take clients who have been on a waiting list.


  • Luxury alcohol rehabs do not treat very many patients at any one time, and instead focus on a small group of clients who pay a much higher cost. This can have an impact on the results you will get.


  • Some luxury alcohol rehabs do not give superior results, and only offer standard treatment. These facilities charge more just for the luxury setting and pampering that you will receive during your stay.


  • You can find individual therapy at some luxury alcohol rehabs, but some will not offer this method because of how expensive it can be. Only the very top luxury facilities will offer this type of treatment.


  • Almost all of the luxury alcohol rehabs are residential facilities, and there is a good reason for this. It is much more difficult to recover when you are around the same people and places that you associate your drinking habit with.


  • Luxury alcohol rehabs typically have fine dining experiences and well above average meals and foods. The luxury that you receive does not stop at the facility and furnishings, it is apparent in every aspect of your stay.
    • Some luxury alcohol rehabs offer therapy that uses horses, or art, or other types of unusual methods. Equine therapy can help rebuild trust, and art and music can help you express your emotions and resolve issues.
  • Group therapy is commonly offered by luxury alcohol rehabs because it can be an important part of the recovery process. Some rehabs only offer this option, but high end facilities offer a wide range of therapies to ensure your recovery is real and complete.


  • High end programs have a lower drop out rate then other types of facilities. This is due to the luxury setting, which provides comfort and a compassionate feel.

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