The Monthly Cost Of A Residential Luxury Rehab

residential luxury rehabWhat is the monthly cost of a residential luxury rehab facility? The answer to this question can vary significantly, because each facility will have their own price list that is followed for treatment. A luxury rehab may cost ten thousand dollars a month, or the cost can run up to fifty thousand dollars a month or even higher for the best facility. Many people may consider this out of the question, because of a limited budget and an inability to pay this amount for a single month of treatment. For others a residential luxury rehab can be ideal though, if the high cost is not a problem and you are used to certain amenities and luxuries.

The monthly cost for a luxury rehab can be reasonable or outrageous, depending on the types of therapy that are offered during your stay. A luxury rehab which offers individual counseling will have a high expense for providing this therapy, with a cost that may run more than one hundred dollars an hour just for the therapist. If this therapy is offered then the cost of the facility may be more reasonable than a luxury rehab that only offers group sessions. Some facilities also offer spiritual counseling sessions as well, which are another expense involved in treatment.

The monthly cost of a luxury rehab is just one factor that you will need to evaluate and consider when comparing facilities. The results that the program offers is another important factor, because if you are paying a high price for treatment you want to make sure you get the results and recovery that you are looking for. Not every single luxury rehab will meet all of your budget and treatment considerations, and comparing the possible programs will ensure that you receive treatment that works. This will help you get the substance or addiction free future that you want and need.While the monthly cost of a luxury rehab may be high you also need to look at the cost of your continuing addiction. Drugs and alcohol abuse are not cheap, and your addiction could cost you your job, your family, your reputation, or even your life. This is in addition to the money spent keeping your addiction fed.

While the cost of a residential luxury rehab may be hard to manage, how much will it cost you if you do not get help that actually works? How much will you spend on repeat visits to a typical treatment program?

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