Treatment Guarantee: Our Promise To You

Recovery Program Treatment Guarantee

Treatment Guarantee


We stand behind our Treatment program so much that we even give a treatment guarantee
, we are so confident that you can be free and healed from addiction. We Guarantee if you complete our 90 day program and the required aftercare plan. Valiant Recovery will give you a whole 30 days free (when you sign up for a new 90 day program).       

Private Counselling Guarantee

Treatment Guarantee

Treatment GuaranteeWe believe in one on one therapy so much that we guarantee it. Treatment GuaranteeValiant Recovery Guarantee’s you the most 1 on 1 therapy in the industry. If you find a Residential Rehab program that offers more personal private therapy in a 30 day program, with a cost of no more than $36,000, we will match and beat there minimum included hours by 10%. (this obviously has to be mentioned before you check in)

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