Can You Really Afford Luxury Rehab?

afford luxury rehabA luxury rehab is a top of the line high end residential treatment facility that offers elegance and a luxury setting together with treatment for substance abuse and addiction. But can you afford luxury rehab? The cost of a luxury rehab is higher than what you will pay for a typical program and facility, which may lead you to wonder if this type of treatment is worth the cost. It may or may not be, depending on which specific luxury rehab facility you choose. Some offer highly effective programs that include one on one counseling and the resources and tools you will need after treatment to avoid any relapse, while others are a typical rehab with a nicer and more luxurious facility.


A luxury rehab can cost many thousands of dollars each month, and the specific cost will depend on which program you decide on. These options will not fit in any budget, and often insurance coverage will not pay for this type of facility. This means that you may have to pay for the luxury rehab yourself, and you may wonder if you can afford luxury rehab. Before considering the cost of a luxury rehab high look at the recovery rate a facility offers, and whether there is any treatment guarantee given. If a facility offers a program that is effective and that actually works why not give a guarantee?

You can find a luxury rehab that is worth every penny that you will pay, but there are others that are about as effective at eliminating addiction as a luxury vacation and should be avoided if actual treatment is what you are seeking. The right choice could result in a future free from substance abuse, with addiction no longer hanging over your head. The wrong choice of luxury rehab could mean wasted money and time, and a habit that is still going strong.

A typical rehab has a high failure rate, and a luxury rehab that offers individual counseling is a much better choice. The question is not can you afford effective treatment that is expensive, but rather can you afford to continue down the same path you are currently headed. While a luxury rehab may cost more to receive treatment you can get superior results, and that is worth far more than the cost you will pay for the treatment. Isn’t your sobriety and getting your old life back priceless to you? If the answer is yes then how can you afford not to use the best treatment money can buy?

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